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Tempur-Pedic® is one of the most recognized brands in the bedding industry, offering consumers innovative technology as opposed to old fashioned, conventional innerspring mattresses.

We have a single focus: helping people sleep better. And we’ve created an entire line of products dedicated to that goal. We’re currently the most highly recommended bed in America™. But we’re just getting started. We want to change the way the world sleeps

TEMPUR’s unique formula senses your body temperature and displaces your weight evenly over the surface of the mattress, improving circulation and allowing your blood to flow more freely. TEMPUR conforms to all shapes and sizes, providing you and your partner with individual sleeping surfaces.

With TEMPUR, your body is suspended in a natural sleeping position, in a way that no other surface can offer.  Tempur-Pedic® Swedish Mattresses and Pillows™ dramatically reduce pressure points that cause you to toss and turn by absorbing and distributing your body weight evenly, resulting in a more restful, more comfortable night’s sleep. We invite you to experience TEMPUR for yourself at a retailer in your community.

TEMPUR-Contour Collection

A firm mattress doesn’t have to be hard. TEMPUR-Contour™ Collection mattresses are designed to be firmly supportive and comfortable, whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach. Our unique TEMPUR® material adjusts to your body, adapting to every curve — so you sleep comfortably and completely supported.

Profile: 11.5″
A win-win situation when it comes to proper alignment and truly restful sleep. You’ll find more to love, with cool-to-the-touch comfort thanks to an integrated phase change material beneath the surface and a moisture-wicking advanced fabric cover.
Profile: 12.5″
The ultimate combination of deep contouring comfort and Tempur-Pedic’s famous support. You’ll find more to love, with a moisture-wicking, cool-to-the-touch advanced fabric cover and an integrated phase change material beneath the surface for increased comfort.
Profile: 13.5″

TEMPUR-ES Collection

Who knew soft could be so supportive? TEMPUR-ES™ mattresses combine plush softness with the TEMPUR-Feel™ our owners love, for truly responsive support and custom comfort. Specifically designed to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake more refreshed.

Profile: 10″

Start with soft comfort and famous TEMPUR® support. You’ll love the super-stretch cover with grey upholstery sides, along with the new moisture-wicking, cool-to-the-touch SmartClimate™ System.

Profile: 11.5″

The extra-pillowy softness and super-adaptive support comes from more exclusive TEMPUR-ES™ material. The innovative moisture-wicking, cool-to-the-touch SmartClimate™ System keeps you comfortable, while the EasyRefresh™ Top Cover is simple to remove, wash and replace.

Profile: 12.5″

Step up to an even thicker and softer TEMPUR-ES™ comfort layer with more pressure relief. The innovative moisture-wicking, cool-to-the-touch SmartClimate™ System keeps you comfortable, while the EasyRefresh™ Top Cover is simple to remove, wash and replace.

Profile: 13.5″
  • Twin 38″ x 75″
  • Twin XL 38″ x 80″
  • Full 54″ x 75″
  • Queen 60″ x 80″
  • King 76″ x 80″

TEMPUR-Canada warrants that your Tempur-Pedic® mattress will be replaced or repaired, at our option, due to faulty workmanship or material defects during the 25 year period of this Limited Warranty specifically subject to the limitations contained herein. This Limited Warranty starts from the time of the product purchase. It is understood that this Limited Warranty does not apply to instances of normal wear or tear and does not include issues concerning any increase in the softness of the TEMPUR® material or a decrease in the slow recovery feature — aspects of which do not affect the qualities of the Tempur-Pedic® product. This warranty also does not apply if the mattress has not been properly supported as provided in these materials.