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Don’t forget the little ones!  Adjustable Beds Plus has you covered with a great selection of crib mattresses.  If you are new parents and want some good sleep, better make sure that your new arrival is sleeping themselves on the best there is.

POLYURETHANEFOAM – All of our mattress cores & padding are made from “Bio-Plush”, an eco-friendly and soy based material which reduces the use of petroleum based chemicals.

SQUARECORNERS – Designed for a snugger fit that eliminates the potential of baby getting caught between the crib rail and the mattress.

5 TURNCOILS – Our innersprings are made in a 5 turn construction (the same used in adult mattresses) for greater resiliency and durability.

ORGANIC COTTONS – All of our organic covers are made from 100% CERTIFIED organic cottons. Certificates of origin are available upon request.

ECO-FRIENDLY DYES – All the dyes used in our mattress covers are lead free and low eco impact which is healthier for your baby and the environment.

**Our mattresses contain no added fire retardant chemicals.

Health Assure Platinum

  • Firmness — State of the Art Continuous Coil Innerspring with the thickest and strongest border rod (6gauge) in the marketplace. Our steel is made primarily from recycled steel and is non toxic
  • Filling — Our Very Best -2n1 Filling – Cotton Felt is for Infants and Latex is for Toddlers
  • Cover — Luxurious Organic Quilted Cotton with Organic Cotton Batting – Our Very Best Cover


BackCare Baby

  • Continuous Coils – Specially produced from a single strand of thick wire it provides 30% more steel surface coverage and has fewer gaps between the coils resulting in superior firmness and a more uniform sleep surface. The coils in this innerspring are not “tied” together like bonnell coils so they maintain their shape with use for maximum mattress life. Made from recycled steel.
  • Eco Wool helps to regulate body temperature and keep it constant due to its naturally occurring “air pockets” which produce warmth in the winter without overheating and stay cool in the summer by wicking away moisture.